Hourly Search Package


Hourly Search Package

This is a Hourly Client directed search for an agreed amount of hours. Based on what the client needs are. Findings are emailed in a PDF Report. 

 Delivery via Email PDF Format.
Cost :
Retainer €50.00 + (No. Hours x Hourly Rate €35.00)
*Minimum 2 Hour Search.

Please go to our Contact page, and fill in your details. We offer a free Assessment.

All Hourly Searches require an up front retainer of €50, and on completion of research an outstanding Invoice will be sent via email. This Invoice must be paid before the Report on Research Findings will be sent. We charge an Hourly Rate of €35.

The Online Payment System Stripe is used as the payment facility. An email invoice for the Retainer amount is sent. Click “Pay this Invoice” and a transaction box appears with the amount. A receipt is sent when the transaction goes through. The Final Invoice is emailed when the report is ready.

If a Client is an ongoing with research, additional Retainers are not required. If the period exceeds 6 months, the Retainer must be reinstated.