HIBERNIAN GENEALOGY RESEARCH, can help discover your Family History, unearthing your Irish Origins and Heritage. More info Find your long lost ancestors and their descendants in Ireland. More info Begin your journey with HIBERNIAN GENEALOGY RESEARCH, your Irish family records are waiting to be discovered. More info

What We Do

Hibernian Genealogy Research is a Professional Genealogy Service. We undertake family tree research. Hire our genealogist to investigate and trace your Irish ancestors. You can discover your Irish heritage. We investigate Irish census records, Birth, Marriage, and Death. And Baptism & Burial registers.

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Hibernian Genealogy Research can answer all your Irish Genealogy questions, we are based in Dundalk county Louth on the east coast of Ireland. We have the local knowledge to help find your Irish Ancestors. We offer Free Assessment to verify your family tree details. We specialist in County Louth Irish Genealogy.